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Get warm and toasty under the stars.

We build amazing custom outdoor fireplaces and fire pits. Building fireplaces in your outdoor living space is an incredible addition to your pool or backyard, and adds warmth and excitement to the surrounding area.

The use of fire is fun and exhilarating, and our team can create a classic or contemporary design that suits your needs. Our experience gives us the knowledge and skill to build beautiful ground-level fireplaces, stone fireplaces, and even raised fireplaces. These attention-grabbing fireplaces become a topic of conversation and can act as the focal point of any backyard.

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits bring families and loved ones together as they crowd around the fire after a long day of work of play. Cozy up in your favorite chair as fire and flames flicker underneath the night sky. Sitting by the fire allows people to feel more connected and gives friends and family more time to laugh and play songs.

Great for couples too!