Outdoor Living Space Design in Denver, CO

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Spend more time outside with friends.

New Line Design can turn any Colorado back yard into an enjoyable living area where you can be happy cooking for your friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors without leaving your home. We build spectacular outdoor kitchens equipped with everything you need to whip up dinner for your family and friends.

Take advantage of your outdoor space with gorgeous pathways, retaining walls and patios can add instant value and beauty to a home. We can use natural stone, brick and/or concrete to build permanent structures that offer utility but also provide visual paths for the eyes to follow.

In addition to the basics we design ponds, waterfalls and other water features that create peace and tranquility within your outdoor space. Whether you want a beautiful spot to sit near in the garden or want a nice place for birds to hang out, we can help. Consider a waterscape as a centerpiece or accent to your landscaping project.